is as the name suggest a website devoted to the box turtles of the world and our goal is to create the worlds best resource for people looking for information about American box turtles (Genus Terrapene) and Asian Box turtles (Genus Cuora).

Box Turtles in The Genus Terrapene:

  • Common box turtle, Terrapene carolina

    – Florida box turtle, T. carolina bauri

    – Eastern box turtle, T. carolina carolina

    – Gulf Coast box turtle, T. carolina major

    – Mexican box turtle, T. carolina mexicana

    – T. carolina putnami (extinct)

    – Three-toed box turtle, T. carolina triunguis

    – Yucat√°n box turtle, T. carolina yucatana

  • Coahuilan box turtle, T. coahuila
  • Spotted box turtle, Terrapene nelsoni

    – Northern spotted box turtle, T. nelsoni klauberi

    – Southern spotted box turtle, T. nelsoni nelsoni

  • Western box turtle, Terrapene ornata

    – Ornate box turtle, T. ornata ornata

    – Desert box turtle, T. ornata luteola

Box Turtles in The Genus Cuora:

  • Amboina box turtle, Cuora amboinensis

    – Javanese box turtle, C. amboinensis couro

    – Malayan box turtle, C. amboinensis kamaroma

    – Lineated amboina box turtle, C. amboinensis lineata

  • Vietnamese three-striped box turtle, Cuora cyclornata

    – Northern Vietnamese box turtle C.cyclornata meieri

  • Chinese box turtle, Cuora flavomarginata ‘

    – Ryukyu yellow margined box turtle, C. flavomarginata evelynae

    – Chinese yellow margined box turtle, . flavomarginata sinensis

  • Flowerback box turtle, Cuora galbinifrons

    – Central Vietnamese or Annam box turtle, C. .galbinifrons bourreti

  • Southern Vietnamese box turtle, Cuora picturata
  • McCord’s box turtle, Cuora mccordi
  • Pan’s box turtle, C. pani (chriskarannarum)

    – Yellow-headed box turtle, C.pani aurocapitata

  • Chinese three-striped box turtle, Cuora trifasciata
  • Yunnan box turtle, Cuora yunnanensis
  • Zhou’s box turtle, Cuora zhoui (pallidicephala) features care sheets detailing how to keep and care for the all known box turtle species as well as general care information.

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