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  • Coming soon from Petpublishing!

    We here at Pet Publishing is currently working on several high quality website that we hope will help a lot of readers take better care of their animals. We are currently working on the following websites that we hope to be able to finish soon.Petchicken.com: Petchicken.com is a website devoted to keeping chickens and other poultry in the home garden. It will feature information on how to keep and care for different breeds of chickens as well as some other birds such as pheasants and quail. The website will also feature information on how to make your own chicken ...

  • Boxturtles.com is now online!

    Our latest pet website, boxturtles.com, is now live online.Boxturtles.com is as the name suggest a website devoted to the box turtles of the world and our goal is to create the worlds best resource for people looking for information about American box turtles (Genus Terrapene) and Asian Box turtles (Genus Cuora).Boxturtles.com feature care sheets detailing how to keep and care for the most popular box turtle species as well as general care information. Soon you will be able to find information on all known box turtle species on boxturtles.com.Whatever you want to know about box turtles, you can most likely ...

  • Welcome to Pet publishing

    Welcome to our new website  Here you will find the best pet publications on the web..Please do not hesitat to check back soon.

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