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How to care for your pet?

Pet Publishing runs a number of websites where you can find care sheets and general information on how to best take care of your pet. Our goal is to help you keep a healthy happy pet.Look in the menu above to see if we feature information about your desired pet.

Responsible Pet Keeping

Conservation and responsible pet keeping is a topic that is very close to the hearth to us here at Pet Publishing. We strongly urge you to research any animal extensively before getting it and to only get pets that are suitable to your, your life situation and your experience level.

Books & Media

Pet Publishing primary focus is on web pages but we also produce high quality books and media products available in print and digital form. All our products are available through Amazon and your local book store. You can find a complete list of our products here on our website.

Welcome to our new website  Here you will find the best pet publications on the web..Please do not hesitat to check back soon.

Welcome to Pet publishing

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